11 Tips for Building a High-Performing Law Firm Website

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Search engines may serve as pre-qualifying authoritative reference sources when used in full just as a customer is more likely to get product or service reviews from a friend or family member than to take what the advertisement has to say at face value.

Have you ever wondered why some websites have top ten search engine rankings, while others don’t? You’re going to learn a few secrets. As a lawyer, you could earn thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in new cases and legal fees. Building a high-performance law firm website that took me years to understand.


meta tags

Did you know that one of the most important search ranking areas for your company’s website is your “Meta Title” homepage? It is the title on the blue frame of your browser (i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox). The title appears in the search list. You can see the title of your website in raw coding by selecting “View” and “Open Source Code” from your browser.

Anatomy of meta-information

In epistemology, the meta-prefix is about (its own category). Meta information on a website usually consists of three distinct areas: title, definition, and keywords. The “keywords” section is completely useless, but it could harm you if you use too many keywords.

Many major search engines have now filtered the meaning of the “keywords” segment due to previous misconduct, “keyword stuffing” and inserting long lists of frequently searched empty terms. Don’t place too many keywords in the keyword section, and don’t rely on this section to help optimize the search engine (SEO). Many SEO experts use it “only in case” but only position 10-15 keywords that are never repeated after each sentence.

However, it should not repeat keywords and use only 12 words or about 65 characters. Otherwise, the full title would not be seen in the quest, and the abundance of words would dilute its strength. Google also has a filter or penalty block for pages that over-repeat a word in titles.

What’s your name?

Check your meta-title right now! Use the “Open” and “Open Source Code” browsers of your browser. That’s great if you’re making other ads, and the business has a lot of name recognition, so you’re putting a lot of money on the table.

What about the opportunities you skip, who type more generic phrases in search engines without mentioning the names of companies or lawyers?

Be a man of a kind

Your meta title may make or break important search engine rankings. Choose a different title for each page on your site to define the content and/or user features of the page (such as “About” page, choose “About So and So Firm”). With deeper pages further away from the homepage, using a variety of logical keywords that not only describe the page, but are similar to the terms that a user may use when searching for specific information.

It might seem like repeating the same title over and over on other pages that your site would do better for those keywords, but it won’t, you cannibalize your efforts. You may use your name or business name, but place it near the end of the title. Keep the most unique starting element in place. Proximity and density shall also apply.



Links to your site can be seen through the light of large search engines. There are links to your website from another website, not links from your website to another one. In this example, these popularity votes are equivalent to voting before certain human rights have been established. Some were considered to be 3/5ths of an individual, and some were not considered. Their votes were counted accordingly. In other words, not all backlinks are fair. You can decide on a number of parameters to connect to your site.

(a). (a). Relevance-Does the subject of the link-out page represent the focus of your site or is it something completely off-topic?

(b). (b). Link & Text Density-Refers to the number of links on the other website linked to yours. If the other site has a list of 100 links on all different topics, including yours, the link is most definitely devalued in the eyes of search engines, not only because of interest, but also because of perceived relevance.

(c). (c). Second Generation Link Popularity-In the search engine ‘s eyes, your site is considered more important not only by how many other sites link to you, but also by how many sites link to sites that link to you. The relationship popularity is transmitted using a formula developed by a search engine called PageRank(TM). Essentially, you may have 100s of backlinks, but if no one links to other sites connecting to you, many of the links may be useless from a ranking point of view (but may be useful in other ways to be addressed in a later article).


Based on the fact that people want reliable , high-quality information to be provided quickly. Instead of trying to recall the Dewy Decimal System categories and digging through the content table of different books, the user of the search engine uses keywords to explain what he / she is looking for to find the knowledge as easily as possible.

Not all visitors are eligible

Next, as a lawyer, you agree that not all users of the website are prospects. Many may be in the research mode of their cycle of purchase, or may be looking for a friend or even a school article. The more original, useful and reliable you put new details on your website, the more favorable the search engines would be.

By creating a knowledge base that is unique to your practice areas, you achieve at least two objectives, you are seen as an authority that is the definitive source of the legal problem of that customer, and you are likely to gain opportunities for that particular service right then and there. It’s an indirect but highly successful way to get a chance.

One page per field of practice

Build a page that uses at least 500-1500 words to fine-tune every area of your practice, and your website can dominate search engines, order loads of related traffic, and bring a steady stream of leads along with other resources. I will discuss this further, including more detail on best practice in future posts.


Have you ever seen a link that says, “Click here?” For SEO, it’s actually a waste of a connection. Okay, maybe not a total loss, but not the full potential of the connection. The terms used to link to another URL are called anchor text, and SEO can be critical.

There is a big difference in how search engines see a link to a specific text versus a non-descriptive or anchored link. It also extends to the internal connection framework of your platform and calls for practice.

Anchor Your Links or Site is supposed to walk the Plank

The more internal links on your site that point to that page with those words, and the more important the off-site link to those words, the more likely the search engines will see your site, or that particular page, as relevant to that term. Test your website right now.


Are you a lawyer in only one city? Or would you work remotely if you were mostly out of court? If you work in one city or area, you need to make the search engines aware by using the most popular DMA on your homepage title.

As customers use search engines, most are smart enough to know or understand the knowledge of the search engine to connect the city to whatever service they ‘re looking for.

Home-made meta-description

Some SEO gurus say that definitions are as obsolete as meta-info keywords. I ‘m saying that the meta description is Web 2.0 ‘s New Keywords section, only the keywords must be used in the logical phrase type.

In addition, you do not want to state in a viable copy on a page that identifies specific areas of your practice or knowledge base that you are a “Dallas insert obscure, wordy lawyer.” Although not necessarily deadly, it is a little unpleasant for the reader. Use the meta definition area for this SEO strategy.

Website Design For Beginners: A Helpful And Basic Guide

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Even though it is pretty easy to launch a website, it does not make the challenge any less intimidating. The internet is a big place. And websites get lost on it every single day given they lack specific design elements. This is exactly what you want to avoid. Instead, you want your website to reach high rankings and be influential. You might even have goals for generating money with your site, which means you have to put in the extra effort.

So, if you are just learning the ropes of website design and you want the best odds of creating success, keep the following advice in mind.

Set Clear Goals

Before you do anything, take a moment to ask yourself some critical questions. In other words, you want to set clear goals right from the start.


Because once you get a look at all your options for designing a website, there is a good chance you will feel overwhelmed. And then you want to try everything all at the same time.

Make no mistake; experimenting is always recommended by the experts at Pearl White Media. Trends change and you have to stay up to date in order to keep your website fresh. But it will serve you better to focus on a niche audience and what they are looking for. The moment you try to cater to every online user is the moment you fail. This is why you want a good idea of what the website should like, as well as the purpose behind it.

Choose The Right Platform For Your Skills

If you have coding skills and you are able to build a website from scratch, you probably do not need this guide. But things have changed dramatically in terms of website design. These days creating a website can be as simple as choosing a free theme from user-friendly platforms like WordPress. The best part is that you install it with a single click.

The downside of working with free themes is the cookie-cutter design. Many people are using these and they are limited in terms of the options you get. If you want your site to be unique, you have to consider using a premium theme. Alternatively, you have to create a website with code from scratch or hire a professional to do it for you.

A Balanced Theme/Design

While it is great to make a visual impression with your website, it also needs to be functional. You want to create a good balance between what users see and how they ultimately experience the site. Because landing on a website that does not respond properly is frustrating enough, not to mention a great-looking site that creates high expectations.

In some cases, you have to compromise on the visual aspects if you want the site to be functional. But your visitors are definitely going to appreciate it.

Theme Forest is probably the best place to go, if you want the best most user friendly WordPress themes.  You can learn more here.

User-Friendly Navigation

Visitors do not like to get lost. This includes broken internal links that do not get fixed or removed. Thus, prioritize how quickly and easily visitors are going to find what they are looking for. Make it incredibly easy because that is how visitors typically like it.

But this does not mean you can’t be exciting with the colors you use. Just by tweaking the basics, you can stir enough excitement to keep visitors inspired to stick around longer.

Fast Loading Speed

There are several factors that will influence the loading speed of your site. For example, the plugins you install at the back-end are no doubt going to take away from the loading speed. This is why you should install plugins wisely, seeing as a slow loading speed can make visitors leave quicker than any pop-up ad.

Always take time to monitor how quickly your pages load up. This could be the difference between a low or high bounce rate. And if you are not familiar with bounce rates, they tell you how quickly visitors leave after landing. The quicker users leave, the more it damages your ranking.

Remember to make a good first impression by maintaining a quick loading speed. Do not give users a reason to leave before they even started browsing.

The Site Needs To Be Responsive

As you know, there are many devices you can use to access the internet. While this is great, it also makes it tougher to launch a successful website. Keep in mind that different devices run on different rendering software. This makes the experience different from device to device.

When you approach website design, always make it a point to keep the site responsive to all devices. You want every user to enjoy every second, regardless of the device they choose to use. This also means extensive testing to ensure the experience remains satisfactory.

This is a good article to reference to learn more: https://designmodo.com/prefect-responsive-web-design/

Flesh Out The Site With Content And Media

Content is not directly connected to website design. But it still plays a vital role in making the site complete. Without content to keep visitors engaged, the overall design is not going to matter one bit. So, how do you flesh out a website and give it substance?

– Informative content that engages your audience
– Relevant keywords users are likely to use
– Media like videos, animation, and photos help to keep users engaged
– Post content on a regular basis if you want to build a reputation

By using generic or copied content, you cannot really expect to have a lot of visitors. And this brings us to the last bit of advice.

Do Not Forget About Search Engine Optimization

Websites compete by using search engine optimization strategies. These strategies help to make websites more visible and easier to index by search engine algorithms. The design part and the content you add are crucial factors for the rank your site ultimately gets. Both need to fulfill certain requirements, and both need to be approached creatively if you are serious about standing out.

No, designing a website does not have to feel like a rocket science course. But the more effort you put in, the more rewards you are bound to reap.

5 Keys To An Effective And Functional Web Design

Our website or online store is a reflection of our physical company on the internet.  Most website owners don’t realize this.  If they did, they would understand the importance of treating their website like a real, traditional business.

That is why we must dedicate the same dedication that we dedicate to our business. It is difficult for someone to become our client if our offices cause a bad image or our store is disorganized or has dependents that do not help you find what you need. Well, the same happens if our website or online store does not give a good image of us and our products.

In this sense, although it is true that today everyone can design their own website, if nobody finds it online when they look for products like the ones we offer, or if they once find it, it does not interest the visitor enough to you decide to contact us or buy our products directly in the case of an online store, this page will not help us at all.

If you want your website to help users who visit it be encouraged to contact you, it must have an effective and functional design, made by professionals after having studied your specific case. Here are five keys to a website that turns visitors into customers.

  1. Fast Loading Website

It is the first element we have in mind on a website. We search for a product or service on Google, and we find a website that we find interesting, we click, and it takes centuries to finish loading.

Too bad, it looked good, but we are busy people, so we close the tab and try another website that offers us the same and loads faster. The first thing you should do if you want to attract customers to your website, and even more if you have an online store, is to order a good hosting.

Read this article for more on the importance of having a fast website: https://www.dotcom-tools.com/blog/how-fast-should-my-website-load/

  1. Attractive Website Design

It is the first thing we value when we take a first look at the web. This only becomes more important when you consider how your site will appear on a mobile device like a smart phone or an iPad.

You can already have very interesting content, which if you do not present them in an attractive way, it will take us very little to turn around.

We do it with a badly presented food dish, with a flat that we want to rent furniture from 30 years ago and we also do it with a website. If there is an alternative, we will leave and choose another one that enters us through the eyes, and normally there always is.

The design of your website should be attractive, that it distributes the contents well by the page (proportions), which makes good use of colors and typography.

  1. Interesting And Useful Content

50% of a website are good images, so you should always use photographs taken by professionals, whether from an image bank or from your archive. With good content, we will retain the audience, we will make our sector more attractive, and it will be easier for visitors to end up encouraging resorting to our products.

To do this, having the contents in the template well-indexed, integrating a blog to your page, and facilitating the sharing of content on social networks using buttons, among others, will be very useful.

One of the most important aspects of images is that old idea of “a picture says a thousand words”.  Images are engaging.  They will help to increase the amount of time that a searcher stays on your website, giving you more time to make a sale, or a conversion.

  1. Intuitive Navigation

It is so important that it could go at number 3 or earlier. For the design of our website to be effective and functional, it is necessary for the user to find what they are looking for on the page easily.

Issues such as the time it takes to find the contact section of the company or the number of steps of a purchase process, for example, are crucial in the abandonment rate of the page.

It is essential to conceive the page as if we were our own customers and not expect them to have patience with us that we would not have with other websites.

The Three main areas to focus on are make your site simple and easy to use, be consistent, an example is to make the “Buy Now” or checkout button, the same color as your brand’s color, and to be efficient with your design.  The average internet user is going to make a decision in a split second, if they can’t understand your website, the will simply hit the back button and bounce.

If you’d like to learn more about the intuitive navigation, here is a great article.

  1. Responsive Mobile Adaptation

This feature could well be the first since more than half of internet searches are made from mobile phones so that the other four features could depend on it. And precisely because of this large volume of connections from mobile phones and tablets, it is essential to offer a good user experience from these devices.

Psychology in Graphic Design

As designers, we take advantage of everything in our power to create designs that are attractive and beautiful for those who observe it, and psychology is one of the most important allies that designers have since with this knowledge, we can create visual messages that easily convey the desired idea.

That is why today we will talk about the importance of psychology when designing because if we take advantage of it, we will have a stronger impact on consumers through our designs.

Caring for design is a complicated task, but there are things we can do and thus achieve the greatest amount of benefits, and one of these things we can do is understand how the subconscious of people works.

The behavior of people can be variable but still understandable, and whoever designs a company or brand must take into account aspects such as colors, shapes, and typography to be more likely to succeed with their designs.


The importance of color in web design is often overlooked.  Whether you are talking about they header for your page or your “Buy Now” button on an eCommerce site, color is a subtle and powerful way to steer consumer decisions.

It is no secret to anyone that colors have the power to provoke emotions, both positive and negative, and according to certain studies, the fact that a person chooses one product over another depends on color, now let’s look a little more about them:

  • Yellow: it is a warm, cheerful, and optimistic tone.
  • Red: causes strong emotions, and is related to love and passion, also increases appetite; but it is not good for concentration tasks since it is related to danger.
  • Green: it is related to nature, tranquility, money, and health; a light shade of green produces calm.
  • Blue: it is the favorite of men; it is related to calm, serenity, and productivity, so it is used in offices. And it also evokes security and trust, for this reason, it is used in insurers and financial institutions
  • Purple: Loyalty, well-being, success, and wisdom.
  • Rosa: reassures and evokes love.
  • White: transmits purity, innocence, and emptiness.
  • Coffee: transmits confidence and practicality.
  • Orange: conveys enthusiasm, emotion, warmth, attracts attention, and causes joy.


Depending on the forms that predominate in our design, the message we wish to convey will be positive or negative, now take note of these tips:

If the form that predominates in your design is the circle, you will transmit protection, innovation, and perfection to those who see it.

If the square predominates, you will give a sign of strength, order, and stability; but if the rectangle does, it denotes resistance.

If the triangle is not rotated, denotes vitality; the hexagon transmits intelligence, but the pentagon transmits harmony.


Obviously, the typefaces also influence how your design is perceived, for example, an angular, serrated typeface, transmits aggressiveness, intensity, strength, and leadership.

Fonts are especially important on ecommerce sites, and something very few ecomm folks think about. You can read more about the importance of fonts here.

If you use a rounded and smooth typeface, you convey the idea of ​​modernity and delicacy.

And if you use cursive and handwritten fonts, you will denote the idea of ​​feminism and informality.

Of course, this is not something absolute, since the way in which we perceive things depends on each one, but these are points that act in the subconscious of each person, so even though who looks at the design has no idea, this can influence the way you perceive it.

Be sure to check out our article: 5 Keys To An Effective And Functional Web Design for more useful tips.

7 Mistakes You Should Avoid As A Freelance Designer

Lately working as a freelance has become important in the labor market since this is one of the most common ways in which graphic designers work when they want to start their careers as professionals.

However, sometimes mistakes may be made that affect development in the area due to lack of experience since at first we usually do not have someone to guide us, much less a manual on how to start such work.

For this reason, in this article, we will teach you seven aspects that you should avoid so that you succeed as a freelance.

Lack Of Proper Communication With Customers

This can be considered as one of the most common mistakes that a designer presents; Telephone calls and e-mails should be essential when it comes to knowing what needs the client has and what their preferences are, not forgetting that a personal meeting would be the most appropriate to obtain the best details.

Say YES to anything

Despite wanting to impress customers by saying YES to everything, we must remember that this can lead us to face a high amount of tasks that we may not be able to complete in the time required by the client. This is why we must accept the work with which we feel comfortable.

Do Not Draw Us A Work Schedule

Although we work from home, it is necessary that we trace a good schedule that helps us to be organized in order to give importance to urgent work. On the other hand, if we maintain a set time for each assignment, we can rest and take more leisure time.

Do Not Charge Enough

The fact that we charge a price well below what it really deserves makes the image of our work is of very poor quality or considered as a cheap work. Despite wanting to win customers, we should not lower prices or give away work. Rather, let’s focus on calculating a fair price that values ​​our work.

Charge Per Hour

The ideal is to charge for each project and not for the time we dedicate to each one; in turn, we must take the time necessary to perform a task.

Do Not Do The Job

When signing a contract, we must remember that we are gaining the trust of the client; that is why we must make every effort to comply. If we do not do this, we will carve a bad image in front of the client.

Work Without Interest

Many reflect disinterest after having signed the contract and invest time in unimportant things like browsing other leisure sites. Although we have the opportunity to choose the time we are going to invest, we must give our jobs the highest priority.

These are some of the most common mistakes that are usually made as a freelance designer, and we hope you take note of them so that you try to avoid them and thus be able to have better development and be a better designer.


Secure Websites To Increase Consumer Confidence

Online sales gain weight in our country. 11% of total purchases are already made through the network. This increase in figures is due to the effort made by online stores to strengthen their security measures and to offer a secure payment process.

One of the data that is most measured in any SEO optimization and web positioning campaign, as well as any other digital marketing strategy on the Internet, especially when using the Design Thinking methodology, is “web traffic.” But I have always been a great defender that taking this data, as a measure to assess the success or failure of the campaign, intoxicates that report or report.

Web traffic is measurable data and is data in which we can have direct control, which makes us feel like good professionals when we see the upward traffic graphics on the web when delivering a report to a client.

But my experience, as a professional in digital marketing, and that of my colleagues in Xplora, has shown me that it may be that much of all that traffic obtained through the campaign, maybe representing users who will take a tour of our website, they will leave and never come back. They are tourists, not residents.

And how to guarantee your users safe browsing?

It Offers A Secure Connection

You will ensure that the purchase in your online store is secure, implementing SSL and HTTPS certificates. With them, the data that circulates through your website is encrypted. If they are intercepted, they cannot be interpreted or modified. In this way, identity theft is also avoided.

Sections That Your Page Should Show

These sections will not protect your website from possible threats, but they will make your customers feel more secure when making their purchase. They are the following:


Contact form, yes, but that is not the only way of communication that you offer. Also, publish the phone number and email address of your company.

Legal Warning

In this section, you must indicate, and as established by law, the following information:

  • Identification data of the company or its manager
  • Registered office
  • Registration data in the Commercial Registry
  • Terms of use

Set the circumstances through which customers access, browse, and use your website. It also clarifies the rights, obligations, and responsibilities to which company and user are subject during this process.

Terms Of Sale

This is one of the most relevant sections. Offer practical and interesting information to your clients. If it fits your interests, it will be decisive for you to start your purchase.

The data you define here are:

  • Delivery time
  • Shipping costs
  • Product delivery tracking information
  • Return policy
  • Guarantees a reliable payment process

Request Your Seal Of Confidence Online

How to get one? Getting it is not easy before you must pass a series of tests. Through these, the transparency of your page and its protection, as well as the data processing it performs, will be checked. It will measure the security it offers during the purchase process and its effectiveness in the return system. Passed this hard exam, the seal will certify that your website is safe.

If you follow these tips, your web security will be more than accredited!

The Simplicity of Web Design

The saying K.I.S.S. or keep it simple stupid, may not have been made for web design, but it is best suited for it.

The hallmark of a well designed website is that it is simple and easy to use.  It is amazing how many folks, design companies and agencies, and even business owners do not get the importance of this.

But I will tell you who does, the consumer!  The person or visitor that is actually trying to use your website, and hopefully purchase something from it and give you money.

The visitor needs your website to be simple and easy to use, and to adhere to some basic design principles, just so they can navigate your business.

You would not make a physical store too confusing to walk down the aisles and purchase at the exit and you want to take this same approach to your website.